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Berserk Fans Rejoice: Black Swordsman Figure Available for Pre-Order on Amazon

Guts Berserk figure by threezero

Berserk, the dark fantasy manga series by Kentaro Miura, has garnered millions of fans around the world thanks to its epic story, stunning art, and unforgettable characters. Among them, the protagonist Guts, also known as the Black Swordsman, stands out as one of the most iconic and badass heroes in manga history.

Now, Berserk fans have a chance to own a piece of their favorite series, as a highly detailed and realistic figure of Guts in his Black Swordsman armor is now available for pre-order on Amazon. The figure is produced by threezero, a Hong Kong-based company that specializes in creating high-quality collectible figures from popular media franchises.

The figure measures 33 cm (13 inches) in height and features over 50 points of articulation, allowing for a wide range of poses and expressions. The figure also comes with various accessories, such as Guts’ signature Dragon Slayer sword, a crossbow, a dagger, and five pairs of interchangeable hands. The figure also has LED light-up functions in the eyes and the iconic brand on Guts' neck.

The figure is priced at $199.99 and is expected to ship in June 2024. The figure is limited in quantity and is likely to sell out fast, so Berserk fans who want to add this masterpiece to their collection should act quickly and pre-order it on Amazon before it’s too late. This is a rare opportunity to own a faithful representation of one of the most beloved and influential characters in manga and anime history. Don’t miss it!

More images (click to see full size):

Guts Berserk figure by threezeroGuts Berserk figure by threezero

Guts Berserk figure by threezeroGuts Berserk figure by threezero

Guts Berserk figure by threezero

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