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Madballs - AmToy

Madballs TV commercial screenshot

Remember the days when toys weren’t just toys—they were experiences? Well, Madballs were the epitome of that wild, wacky era known as the 1980's. Created by the mad geniuses at AmToy, these rubber and foam collectible bouncing balls had faces only a mother (or a fellow Madballs enthusiast) could love.

Meet the Madballs:

Each Madball had its own uniquely disgusting appearance. Let’s introduce you to some of the most memorable characters:

Screamin’ Meemie: A baseball with a tongue that screams louder than a stadium full of fans during a home run. It’s like the ball itself is saying, “Hey batter, batter, SWING!”

Slobulus: Imagine a drooling green creature with one eye hanging out of its socket. Slobulus was the life of the Madballs party—assuming the party was held in a cemetary and all the guests are zombies.

Aargh: This one-eyed, blue-skinned Frankenstein monster lookalike had stitches all over its face. Aargh was the poster child for “I woke up like this.”

Horn Head: A horned cyclops with a nose ring (because even monsters need accessories). Horn Head was the rebel of the Madballs crew, rocking that edgy look.

Dust Brain: A mummy with rotting teeth and wrinkly teal skin. Dust Brain was the undead equivalent of a grumpy morning person.

Oculus Orbus: A bloodshot eyeball (later sporting a mouth in the Just Play era). Oculus Orbus was the ultimate conversation starter: “Hey, have you seen my cornea?”

Skull Face: A skull with large eye sockets, tiny red eyes, a big set of teeth, and a partially exposed brain named Lobe (because why not anthropomorphize brain matter?).

Bash Brain: Originally named “Crack Head” (yikes!), this gory zombie head with a partially exposed brain got a rebrand. Apparently, “Bash Brain” sounded less like a criminal offense.

The Super Madballs Series:

Touchdown Terror: A large football.

Goal Eater: What else but a soccer ball.

Foul Shot: Yes, it was a basketball.

Even more Madballs:

These rubber oddities bounced their way into our lives, leading to plenty of unforgettable playground experiences. But wait, there’s more! Madballs expanded beyond the toy aisle:

Comic Books: Because nothing says “comic book hero” like a drooling green creature with an eye hanging out.

Direct-to-Video Cartoons: Picture it: Madballs solving mysteries, thwarting villains, and accidentally scaring the bejeezus out of unsuspecting townsfolk.

Video Games: ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, and Commodore 64 gamers got to experience the madness firsthand. “Level 5: Dodge the Slobulus Drool” was a fan favorite.

Madballs: The Comeback Tour

Fast-forward to the 2000s, and the Madballs made a triumphant return. Art Asylum and Just Play, Inc. dusted off these iconic misfits, reminding us that freaky fun never goes out of style.

So, next time you’re feeling a little too normal, grab a Madball, give it a squeeze, and embrace your inner weirdness. Because life is too short to be a perfectly round, non-drooling ball.

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